Please join the Suzuki teaching community of Los Angeles and the Southern California region. 

Membership Benefits include: 

  • Suzuki teacher events and workshops 
  • Suzuki Graduation program for guitar, piano, violin, viola and cello 
  • newsletter of local events, concerts, and happenings in our community
  • monthly teacher luncheon 
  • as a teaching member, your students will gain access to graduation events, Suzuki events, play-ins, workshops, and financial aid opportunities
  • $65/annual fee expires July 31st, 2017 

Please note that you are are NOT an active member unless we have received up-to-date credit card information with the creation of your account. All member pages and programs are exclusively for members who have provided payment details. Please click on the button above to begin the process - our system will easily guide you through the process and will only take 1-2 minutes! 

With any questions, please email