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The itemized list of income and expenses should be reasonably detailed to enable SMAC to comply with Internal Revenue Service rules and California state law requirements for tax-exempt, non-profit corporations. For an event to be sponsored by SMAC, all monies must be handled by a SMAC entity that reports to the state SMAC treasurer. This may be a Branch, Chapter, or Institute financial officer. Co-Sponsorship may only be arranged with other non-profit organizations. Example: Registration/Ticket Sales
Please detail the expenses below: For example: Cost of music, compensation, Stripe fees, rent, food, accounting, records and books, stationary and supplies, etc.
For each Event Director (ED), Independent Contractors (IC), volunteers (VO), please include: NAME/ EMAIL/ ROLE/ TOTAL COMPENSATION/ DESIGNATION/ MEMBER OF WHICH BRANCH ex: Ben Smith/ / $60/hour, 4 hours, $240 total/ ED / current SMAC-LA member

SMAC-LA must be listed as a sponsor or co-sponsor on all tickets, programs, advertising, contracts, etc. Please submit your insurance request after your event has been approved. Insurance requests must be requested 60 days prior to the event.